The Best Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy by The Experts

Written by Steve Bruce

The current market condition and growing competition rate have forced businesses to adapt their tactics and plan for changes in the Ads Manager of Facebook and the frequent updates to the algorithm of Instagram. Every business needs to change its ad creatives constantly. And while doing so, you should not forge scaling Facebook ads. By applying the right Facebook ads scaling strategy, you can take your Facebook advertising to a whole new level. With this, you will be able to give a perfect book to all your high-performing campaigns and will also witness more sales. Let’s talk about this in detail.

What Do You Mean by Scaling Facebook Ads?

In simple words, Facebook ad scaling means maximizing the best performing Facebook ad campaigns’ results. You can easily do that by making some changes. For instance, if you want, you can increase your ad budget, optimize your creativity, and target a high-performing audience. The primary objective is to generate more sales and leads by running Facebook ad campaigns.

When Should Businesses Scale Their Facebook Ads?

When your ad campaigns begin generating leads and sales, you can think about scaling them. However, there is no need to scale all your ads. You should analyze the ROAS- Return on Ad Spend of every ad. And let your Facebook ad run for around 4 days before analyzing its performance. During that period, you should not make any changes to your ad, or else it will reset the algorithm.

Different Ways of Scaling Your Facebook Ads

Well, you can go for two Facebook ad scaling methods, i.e., horizontal and vertical scaling. Speaking about horizontal ad scaling, it’s about spending ad budget on different Facebook ad sets and targeting more audiences using the same ads. On the other hand, in vertical scaling, businesses invest in the same ad set to enjoy a broader audience. Now, let’s talk about some strategies to scale up your Facebook ads. Every Facebook ads scaling strategy can bring good results when used properly. You can also take an expert’s help in this.

Increasing Your Facebook Ad Spend

Well, before that, you need to look at the two important things:

  • If you are getting good results from your best-performing ad set, you should try to increase the ad budget every three to five days.
  • Besides, if possible, keep the increased ad budget range between 10 to 20 percent.

Before increasing the budget, you should evaluate the ROAS. Understand how much revenue you are currently getting from your every spend. Besides, you will have to look at the Ad frequency. By doing this, you can know how many times your Facebook ads have been seen by new people. When it comes to choosing the best Facebook ads scaling strategy, you can always go for it. As per the experts, for best results, scale the ads that have a frequency between 2 to 4.

It’s Time to Use CBO

While running a Facebook ad campaign, businesses can set a budget for the entire campaign, or they can set budgets for every single ad. Well, if you want to enjoy more control in offering specific ad sets within your campaign, you should set an individual budget for every ad. CBO- Campaign Budget Optimization can help you in setting up a perfect budget for your ad.

All you need to do is set a budget for your Facebook ad campaign, and Facebook will effectively distribute the budget among the best-performing ads. With this, you can enjoy automatic budget distribution. And this Facebook ads scaling strategy can help you to enjoy more from your ads without spending a lot of money. As per the experts, this method works perfectly with ad campaigns that have multiple ad sets.

Partner With Professional Content Creators

You all know that by using appealing design, video, or text, you can’t attract every type of customer. There are many new rules of graphic design that professionals are still exploring and learning. Some people need quality content. That’s why it is advisable to work with a professional who can help you with this. Partner with a good content creator and post quality, relevant and interesting posts on Facebook and get ready to welcome new customers.

Scaling Ads with Lookalike Audiences

As per the experts, a lookalike audience can help you to attract people who are willing to try your new products and services. Believe it! Testing new audiences is an effective Facebook ad scaling strategy.  To get information about your new lookalike audiences, you can take the help of your customer list, or you can also use pixel events.

You should try to increase your audience size percentage by around 1 to 2 percent. And prefer to begin with small changes. If you get better results from this, then you can scale the new lookalike audience by 3 to 4 percent.  To do this, you need to visit the Ads Manager and then click on the Audience option.

After that, you need to click on Create Audience and then choose Lookalike Audience. Once done, select a source audience, and next, choose audience size. Now, Facebook will detect common qualities of audiences based on the selected source. Always begin with a 1 percent lookalike audience and increase it gradually.

It’s Time to Cover More Areas

Well, this ad scaling strategy is quite straightforward. Businesses that don’t know what to target audiences living in a particular area can work on expanding their target customers geographically. After running different ad campaigns, you will get to know what type of ad is performing better, and you can focus on that ad to expand your geographic targeting. Experts suggest first mastering one area and then applying your learning to more geographical locations to enjoy better results.

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This guide is packed with actionable tips and strategies that you can use to scale your Facebook Ads and drive more revenue, profit and ROAS for your business. Get the “Scale Your Facebook Ads” guide now so you can learn how to take your Facebook Ads to the next level!

FREE Download: Scale Your Facebook Ads eBook

This guide is packed with actionable tips and strategies that you can use to scale your Facebook Ads and drive more revenue, profit and ROAS for your business. Get the “Scale Your Facebook Ads” guide now so you can learn how to take your Facebook Ads to the next level!

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