Digital Marketing Campaign Results

Chiropractor Google Ads - Leads For Under $20

Legal (Car accident) Google Ad - Leads For Under $50

Legal (Family Law) Google Ad - 114 Leads - Avg $54 Per Lead

Google Ad - 16.67% Conversion Rate

Google Ad - 8.47% CTR

Google Ad - 14.29% CTR

Legal (Family Law) Google Ad - Conversion Rate Over 30%

Facebook Ad - Over 2.5x ROI

Facebook Ad - $5.90 Fitness Studio Leads

Facebook Ad - 4,591 Website Traffic

Facebook Ad - 100+ Messenger Leads

Chiropractor Google Ads - Clicks Under $8

Legal (Worker's Comp) Google Ad - 50 Leads @$49.79

Legal (Bankruptcy) Google Ad - 176 Leads @Under $100 Each

Google Ad - Over 4.5% CTR on Multiple Ads

Google Ad - Leads for Under $20

SEO - Instant Traffic Increase

SEO - 4x More Traffic In One Month

SEO - Up To 7x More Traffic

Chiropractor Sciatica - High Intent Leads Under $70

Facebook Ad - Video Views for Under $0.01

Facebook Ad - Messenger Leads Under $1

Facebook Ad - Clicks For $0.04

Facebook Ad - Video Views For Under $0.01

Facebook Ad - 34 Leads For Under $4 Each

Facebook Ad - Real Estate Leads For $15.50

Facebook Ad - Real Estate Link Clicks For $0.53


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