It Is Time to Change Your Facebook Ad Strategy For iOS 14

Facebook strategy for iOS 14

Written by Steve Bruce

Even though there is still some confusion surrounding Apple’s latest update, iOS 14, and its impact on Facebook ads, it is the right time for digital marketers or advertisers to begin using the best Facebook strategy for iOS 14 to easily deal with the lower visibility of customers’ activity. Should you really worry about this? It is important to note that the new changes introduced with iOS 14 have completely changed how businesses receive as well as process conversion events from different tools, for example, the Meta Pixel. Apple has made some major changes in its App Tracking Transparency framework.

Understanding The Current Situation

With the introduction of iOS 14, Apple has made it mandatory for all the apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and more that need to request permission from the users to collect data. It comes under Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. That means the users who will decide to opt out from this; the companies will not be able to track their data. There will be a reduced data signal. That means the advertisers or companies who prefer to target and report based on in-app and web conversion results will be greatly affected. Now you might be wondering, is there any effective Facebook strategy for iOS 14 for this?

Well, to help the marketers with this, Facebook has introduced a new system, Aggregated Event Management. Using this tool, advertisers can easily track customer conversions while not hampering their audiences’ privacy. But it can be said that companies carrying out conversion campaigns through Facebook may have less ability to create hyper-relevant ads.

Some Effective Methods to Adjust Ads For iOS 14

If you are finding it is dealing with the new changes made by Apple through iOS 14, it’s time to come up with the best Facebook strategy for iOS 14. When it comes to managing Facebook ads, here are some strategies that you can try out.

It’s Time to Change Your Customer Building Strategy

If you are still using Facebook pixel for retargeting your customers for your Facebook ad campaign, then it’s high time that you should change your existing strategy. As per the experts, you can consider some effective alternatives, such as custom audiences or lookalike audiences. You can do that by analyzing the engaged fans on Facebook.

Facebook strategy for iOS 14

You Need to Work on The Reporting Metrics

Another major Facebook strategy for iOS 14 is to reconsider your reporting metrics. There is no doubt that due to the privacy changes made in iOS 14, all the advertisers will see a massive drop in different metrics, for example, event completions, conversions, and more. Well, you don’t have to worry about this. Don’t think that your ads are not working now. Here, all you need to do is by coming up with new ways to interpret your results.

For example, it is the right time to learn and take advantage of Vanity Metrics. These metrics include total website visits, link clicks, and other major on-Facebook metrics. If you can effectively link your business’s behind-the-scenes sales data and Facebook performance, you can manage to bridge the gap. You can take the help of a Facebook ad specialist to get this done.

It’s Time to Prioritize Your Conversions and Events

As you can only go for 8-pixel events to choose from, where you need to be a little choosy when it comes to deciding which event you should track as well as optimize for your Facebook ad campaigns. Well, you can take the help of experts to understand the important factors and which factors can bring more benefits.

As per the experts, now the businesses need to develop their event priority considering the overall value. Well, most of the advertisers prefer to stick to the Purchase and Lead events. On the other hand, Subscribe and Add to Card are considered less valuable. In the end, they go for events such as Vie Content.

Don’t make any decisions in a rush. You should spend time analyzing the results to understand the effectiveness of different events. The wrong selection of events can make you miss out on more business opportunities.

Work On Your Domains

To enjoy the maximum benefits, you need to ensure that all your domains are properly verified as well as connected to your company’s Facebook ad account. If not, then don’t take any risk and hire an expert to get it done.

Extend Your Retargeting Coverage By “Catch-All” Strategy

Another effective Facebook strategy for iOS 14 is the catch-all strategy. Here, instead of creating hyper-personalized ads, you can try to combine different messages focused on the users who have dropped off at various stages of your purchase funnel. This way, you can expand your retargeting coverage with ads that will be relevant to your audiences.

Experts suggest using two popular Facebook ad formats, i.e., Collections and Carousel Ad. Using these formats, you demonstrate multiple creatives in a single ad format. As a result, you will be able to highlight different formats. This, in turn, may make your ads more effective in converting leads as well as re-engaging.

One of the best things about these formats is that you can easily increase customer engagement by introducing a video asset. With this, it will be easier for you to capture your audience’s attention.

Final Words

You can’t deny the fact that the effectiveness of data-tracking of individual users is gradually decreasing. The latest updates from Apple and Google have made the task a little challenging for businesses using Facebook ads. Well, there is nothing you can do about it. So, it’s time to create ads accordingly and move forward with the new changes.

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