How To Scale Facebook Ads In 2022

Written by Steve Bruce

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools for marketers. If put to good use, it can produce promising results for your online business or eCommerce site. Having some experience in posting ads and executing smart strategies to make the most of it are two different things. For amateurs, scaling through Facebook ads can look nothing short of a daunting task. But with a foolproof strategy and a few expert-recommended tips and tricks, you can master the art of scaling Facebook ads and hit the ground running from day one. 

In this blog, we have put together an infallible strategy on how to scale up Facebook ads to get exponential returns on your investment and generate more sales than ever.

When should you scale Facebook ads?

The ultimate goal of scaling Facebook ads is to generate successful leads and increase sales. And do that from the already successful campaigns. 

The idea is to look for the opportunity to scale, which usually comes when your Facebook ad campaigns start bringing in good returns and hot leads.

Ideally, you should let an ad run for at least 3 to 4 days before declaring it a successful or an unsuccessful campaign. Facebook takes a few days to deliver the highest and optimal results. The Facebook algorithms are very particular and might sometimes not favour you if you change anything in the ad in its initial days.


The two ways of scaling Facebook ads

But what measures should you take to scale your Facebook ads? Before we talk about the strategies, let us first look at the two primary methods of Facebook ads scaling strategy 2022.

The two of them are Horizontal and vertical scaling Facebook ads. You can use either of them to scale your Facebook ads.

By scaling vertically, you would simply be putting in more money to your advertising campaigns and stretching the budget to make it more profitable. But never put in all your money at the same time. A drastic increase in the budget will confuse the facebook algorithms and will not give them enough time to adjust to your bigger pocket. Increase your budget strategically and little by little.

By scaling horizontally, you would be making multiple changes in several aspects of your ad campaign, such as changes in your ad sets, expanding targetted audience or making edits to your creatives. Although it takes some time to master the horizontal scaling, this method ensures long-term benefits and helps in building a strong Facebook ad account structure.

Facebook ads scaling strategy 2022

Let us dive into some unique tips and strategies on How to scale a Facebook ad that a majority of marketers swear by:

Divide campaigns into stages of the funnel

It gives you a window to customize your ad or targetting the right audience at the right time. This can be done by evaluating the level of intent they have shown with your brand. Depending on where they lie in the sales funnel, you can target them accordingly. This will help you target a fresher set of audiences and not just retarget the old ones and let the audience get overlapped.

Classify your audience

As you scale your Facebook ad strategy, you should group similar interest audiences into a singular ad set. This allows Facebook to have a pool of people who have similar interests while keeping the reach as broad as possible. Analyze each ad set’s performance after collecting enough data. Depending on your audience, you’ll probably have more success with certain types of content than others. With more refined targeting or new ads, you will feel more confident scaling your ad spend.

Make use of the budget automation feature

If you get better results from your ads, you can use Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization feature. It is most effective for campaigns that run two or more ad sets.

The Campaign Budget Optimisation tool allocates your budget in real-time to the ads you think will perform the best throughout your campaign.

When you budget a campaign, you set an overall budget for the entire project. Your ads will run on a schedule based on the budget you determine, making it easy for you to keep track of your finances as well. Using campaign-level data will help you decide how to distribute your budget.

Optimize your ads regularly

Let’s face it! nobody likes to get bombarded with ads which are not even remotely relevant to their interests. That is why Facebook has designed an auction system to create a great user experience. It does so by only showing relevant ads to its users, and if Facebook considers your ad ass high-quality, the chances are that it will perform better in the auction.

The quality ranking on Facebook shows how your ads compare to those of similar audiences. With the platform’s ad relevance diagnostics, the underperforming ads can be identified based on three criteria:

  • Quality
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Facebook also measures your ad’s quality by its engagement with the audience. How many people are hiding it? How many people are viewing it? How many people are going through the comments? Your quality score is affected by these factors. 

Ranking for quality on Facebook can directly affect your cost per click. Additionally, it adjusts the frequency with which your ad is displayed to a particular audience. To get better results from Facebook ads, test and optimize them continually.

Duplicate the successful ads

Experts recommend duplicating successful ads and killing off underperforming ones as a way to scale advertising spending. In an ideal world, every ad you ever created would perform well enough and you never had to scrape off a dead one. But sadly, that is rarely ever the case with Facebook ads. However, you will, at some point, find yourself in a position where some of the ads you’ve created are performing decently and your best performing one is raking in sales and conversions. That’s when you know you have knocked it out of the park with accurate targeting and spot-on creative strategy.

In conclusion,

Growing Facebook campaigns isn’t an easy task. All the sophisticated ad structures confuse even the most experienced marketers. But with the right tools and guidance, you can navigate through the intricacies with a breeze.

With this blog, we have tried to equip you with everything you may need to create a killer ad scaling strategy. Try these tips for yourself, and let us know what works the best for you!

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Want To Get Great ResultsWith Your Facebook Ads?

Schedule a free Facebook Ads Strategy Call and we can go over your Facebook campaign strategy and see if you qualify for my premium campaign management service! Click the button below to schedule a call.

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