Ecommerce Facebook Ads Funnel

Set up Facebook Ad Funnel for e-Commerce products the right way

The pandemic has affected the e-Commerce niches in a substantial way which requires marketers to adapt to new trends and technologies. The same can be said for Facebook Ads, as billions of people across the globe are engaging in scrolling through Facebook feeds more than ever. Today, the e-Commerce Facebook ads funnel has emerged as one of the most powerful and mature marketing strategies to help e-commerce stores generate more leads and boost ROI.
But there is no guaranteed chance on whether one of your audience would buy or engage with the product or brand. Steve Bruce Agency can help you actually get a conversion on your product or service by moving you through a series of prospective touchpoints, such as crafting an accurate Facebook Ads funnel that boosts your conversion.


Understanding Facebook Ads Funnel

Facebook Ads Funnel is a multisequence ad campaign designed for users to take them along the buyer’s journey. The funnel entails many ad campaigns with varied value propositions that get delivered to the right audience at the right time. For preparing an e-Commerce Facebook Ads funnel, there are three main stages you have to take on: Awareness, consideration, and conversion/decision. Steve Bruce Agency can also assist you through a post-purchase stage where you can turn your existing buyers into loyal customers. Following all these stages would allow you to enhance your customer lifetime value and improve your advertising profitability.

How can we help you create an accurate Facebook Ads Funnel for your e-Commerce store?

Help you define your audience

A wide number of Facebook audiences go on the platform to engage with their friends and share experiences, not with an open mind to buy something. Hence, the first step we take to prepare your e-Commerce Facebook Ads Funnel is to know your target audience present on Facebook. It would help us to create organic posts and ads for your campaign that matches their interest.

Select your target audiences

There are many audience options for you to choose from, such as core audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience. For each of your ads, we can help you decide which audience you should target for establishing a successful e-Commerce Facebook Ads Funnel.

Assist you in creating content for different stages

Since there are different stages to the Facebook funnel, you need to post variant content to target people. We can help you prepare different types of content with various forms of messages and call to action, from videos to blog posts, inspirational messages and more.

Offer your audience an excellent post-purchase experience

The funnel does not end with the customer making a purchase. You still have the post-purchase phase to take care of. With our Face ads service, we can exclude customers from retargeting with the same ad, make a plan on offering them discounts for repeat customers, ask for testimonials, etc.

Associate you with the right Facebook ad objectives

Setting your Facebook ad goals is essential. Hence, you need to have the right objective for your campaign from the beginning. Whether you are experienced or first-time running an ad, we are the right Facebook ad agency to align your ad with your business goals on the basis of awareness, consideration and conversion funnel stages.

Facebook Ads Funnel can be your ultimate marketing strategy to reach new customers, increase conversions and generate more sales with the right ad at the right time. Steve Bruce Agency can guide you through the process by meticulously mapping out the entire funnel journey for your Facebook campaigns.