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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other Facebook ads services?

I will personally work with you as a marketing strategy consultant to help you fine tune your offer, follow up process, and price points to make Facebook ads as successful as possible for your business.

Can you fix my existing Facebook ads?

If you already have previous data in your Facebook Ads manager, I will analyze the data and reuse any ads, images, offers, or audiences that have been proven to work in the past to create new and improved campaign using the 4-pillar system.

Will Facebook ads work for my business?

The only way to know if Facebook will work is to launch a campaign and see how it performs. This program is the best opportunity for you to work with someone who has produced multiple six figures for their clients without any long term commitments or contracts.

Can you teach me how to run Facebook Ads for myself?

In some cases, I will take on a client with a one-time consultation session along with the possibility of continued one on one support as needed. Please inquire about this service if you are interested so that we can see if you are a good fit for this option.

If I have a brand new business, should I run Facebook Ads?

In most cases, a business that is already up and running are the only ones who should run Facebook ads due to budget limitations that come with a brand new business. However, businesses that have start up capital allocated for marketing can be a great fit for Facebook ads.


Want to build and scale your Facebook ads?


In a world with a lot of marketing agencies available. Work with Steve! He cares. He is constantly evolving his craft. True professional!

Jerry Stanley

Steve Bruce does a fantastic job getting your business in front of the people you want to see it! Great communicator, professional, and great all around. We saw great returns from his services. We highly recommend him!

Michael Kory

Steve Bruce is a wizard when it comes to making Facebook work for your business. I recently found myself overwhelmed by the business management features within Facebook, but Steve made it very understandable and all within my very limited marketing budget. He showed me how to create and publish ads to very specific markets and monitor traffic. I can definitely recommend his services if you are needing help making your social media work for you. Bravo, Steve!

Curtis Sprague

I had the pleasure of, and continue to, have Steve show me how to market and connect with my online audience through many channels. He dove down to what exact message I wanted to send to my potential clients and how to communicate with them specifically in order to solve their problems with my product. Highly recommend the Steve Bruce Agency.

Tanya Jackson

I have known Steve for almost two years and he has continually impressed me with his knowledge of digital marketing. By receiving some of his consulting services, I was able to improve my Facebook ads, chat bots, and overall digital marketing strategy for my online coaching business. He was so fun to work with and I enjoyed his sense of humor. Thank you for imparting your knowledge on me, Steve!

Ellie Harrington-Iturrioz

The 4-Pillar Strategy



Your offer is the actual service, sale, discount, or product that you will be running your ads to drive traffic and attention towards. This offer must be irresistible to your target audience and must be profitable for your business so that when people see the offer, they claim that offer without hesitation..


Audience Analysis & Targeting

Detailed research and analysis will be done in order to target the right people with your ads. The people we target with your ads and your offer must be people who are most likely to claim that offer and become a customer for life.


Ad Design

We will create an ad that is social media friendly that not only fits properly on the Facebook platform, but also draws relevant attention to your target audience, explains your offer with clarity, and entices your target audience to take action on the ad.


Launch & Optimize

Once having the first 3 pillars dialed in, we will be ready to launch your campaign to the Facebook platform. From there I will heavily observe the feedback from the data to make the changes needed to fine-tune over time to keep your ads profitable for your business.

A Quick Overview of the Process

Facebook Launch Program

This Program is designed for:

  • E-Commerce businesses
  • Course creators
  • Online Coaches
  • Local Businesses

Our expertise lies in creating scalable Facebook campaigns that literally multiply the investment in ad spend and creates a predictable marketing system that generates consistent & growth for the business.

We help our clients master the launching, optimizing, and scaling of their Facebook ads to get them out of the inconvenience of managing their own campaigns and help them scale to $100k/months within the first 30-60 days.


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