3 Things You Must Stop Doing With Your Digital Marketing


The value you will get from this blog post will save you so many hours of wasted time, frustration, and unnecessary effort.

And the funny thing is, you’ve seen others doing this so often, possible been a little annoyed by it, and yet did the same for your business.

But there is one thing to understand before getting into the 3 things you must stop doing with your digital marketing

It’s Not About You… It’s About Them

Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Your theories don’t matter.

What you think is right and wrong is irrelevant.

This is what ultimately matters: the marketplace’s wants, needs, and desires.

Never assume that you are right about anything until you have tested a theory and received feedback from the marketplace.

And that leads into the first thing you must stop doing…

1 – Stop Assuming What The Marketplace Want

A lot of business owners kind of “force” their business services into the market and receive little to no response because of it.

There are 2 ways to know what the marketplace wants.

The first way is to survey the market. Ask your past customers, or current prospects, some feedback on an idea that you are considering implementing.

Let’s say for example you owned a gym and you had an idea to start selling year bundle packages. So then you take this idea and run with it. You create Facebook ads, flyers to hang all over town, and spend all day filming a promotional video for this new campaign.

With all of that effort done without surveying the market, you are running the risk of having no one take advantage of this offer.

If no one takes advantage of this year package bundle, it would have been easily prevented by surveying your market. They would have provided the feedback you needed without having to waste all of that effort and time.

The second way to know what the marketplace wants is to test it.

With social media advertising, this can be done very quickly and with a tight budget.

And if you have the possibility to start testing it with current or brand new customers, that’s another option.

For the same example of the gym owner who wants to start offering a year bundle package, they can start mentioning it to current and new members.

If doing that test resulted in a staggering 80% of people taking advantage of this bundle, then that’s a pretty good sign that it would be worth the effort to start putting in more effort in marketing it.

2 – Stop Being “Cute” Or “Clever” With Your Marketing

This could be the most time consuming action to take with your marketing that leads to absolutely no increase in business.

The marketplace does not care, for the most part, how catchy your slogan is or how pretty your logo is.

A lot of businesses do implement a cute or clever strategy into their marketing, but those are typically the large industries who have millions in their marketing budget and can afford a Super Bowl commercial.

I’m not saying that you should be the opposite of cute or clever, but let me explain it this way…

No one has ever said “You know… your services seem terrible, you have a rating of a 2.1 on Yelp, and your prices are way too high! But your logo looks really neat so I am going to be a customer for life!”

The take home: focus on the important things with your business that actually serve your customers wants, needs, and desires. Then, share those things with the marketplace.

3 – Stop Talking About Your Business So Much (No One Cares)

Now I get it…

Your business may be the most important thing in your life to you… so obviously YOU care about it.

You could probably talk all day long about your business, why you love what you do, and your future goals for your business.

Those things are important, but when it comes to advertising for your business, the people who you are targeting have a problem and all they care about is solving that problem.

When someone gets done consuming your ads, the main takeaway you want them to get from it isĀ they trust that you are the solution to their problems.

NOT that they know the life story of your business.

This isn’t to say that you should never talk about the origin story of your business, but just not right away.

I was in a restaurant the other day and on the wall they had a picture of the first one ever and a story underneath it. Imagine if when I went and tried to order my food, they said “Hey listen to this story about the first restaurant of this business!” I would be thinking “I don’t care! I’m just hungry so give me food…”


Not only should you follow the guidelines in this blog post, but also start to notice when you see other businesses making these mistakes in their social media marketing.

And realize how it makes you feel. Then you’ll fully understand the importance of these principles.


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About Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce is an entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma who worked in the IT field for over a decade but found a passion for developing business strategies by accident.

Steve is a digital marketing consultant and coach who helps companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed ad campaigns that were generating over 7-figures.

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